Fused Glass Art and Accessories

Fused Glass Accessories

Our fused glass art is a very flexible medium to work in, especially when it comes to how small or large we’re able to make it, and especially when it comes to the shape it can take whilst still retaining the same details and designs!

Whether you’re looking for a set of matching drinks coasters, a bowl for fruit or one for decoration, we’ve got the ability to make it all here. We’ve even made fused glass art frames for mirrors, which as you can imagine creates a stunning effect! Why not have a look at some of the fused glass accessories we’ve made in the past?

Fused Glass Garden Art

No matter what you’re opting for, however, whether it’s a sunny piece featuring a wealth of warm colours or something a little greener to better represent the British landscape, we’ll be able to create something unique and personalised for you. All of our designs and no doubt all of your ideas can translate to fused glass art which sits comfortably outside, so don’t be afraid to give us a call!

Fused Glass Light Accessories

Adding to the variety and flexibility of our work, fused glass art designs are perfect for use in lighting enclosures where the translucent nature of the glass can be used to its full effect. When our glass is backlit, and this can of course take any shape or size you want it to, the results are stunning. Have a look at some examples of our work below, and you’ll see what we mean!