CNC Glass Processing & Precision Engineered Glass

At our Plymouth depot, we have the latest CNC machinery, giving us the ability to not only manufacture our own glass products, but also process glass for other glass companies that require CNC equipped facilities.

Glass thickness 2mm – 19mm. Pane Size up to 3300mm x 1500mm.

You can see it in action below...

Our Intermac Master One allows us to provide the following cutting and processing capabilities:-

cut-out cnc

Cut Outs (Internal)

Socket cut-outs, Extractor holes, Min 6mm internal radius. Min 13mm for internal polished radius.

drilling cnc


Decorative holes, Fixings holes, starting from 4mm diameter (30mm minimum requirement for polished hole).

engraving cnc

Cutting & Engraving

Intricate designs and lines onto glass and mirror. Multiple profiles and shapes. Polished and frosted

Edge Work (Straight & Shaped)

Arriss, Flat and Polished – Bullnose 19 mm, Pencil 4mm and 6mm.

milling cnc


Enables us to rout out a complex, intricate, variety of shapes and bespoke designs out of glass.