1. Can I design my own design or do I need to order from the catalogues?
    Yes you can, we our designers can work with you to produce any design required.
  2. What kinds of decorative glass is available?
    Traditional, modern s.g.o, bevelled and sandblasted etc. Every kind that is on the market.
  3. My double glazing has condensation in between the two panes can I change the glass or do I need to change the whole frame?
    We can change only the glass into the existing frames and you could also add a design if you want.
  4. What are the guarantees?
    Double glazed units 5 years, Coloured films 10 years
  5. Can I replicate my original stained glass
    Yes we can replicate any design.
  6. Can I get my own stained glass repaired in situ?
    Yes if the panel is not too badly damaged a site visit may be required.
  7. Do you supply safety glass?
    Yes we can supply all kinds of safety glass for all applications.
  8. Do you supply and fit?
    Yes we can supply only, or supply and fit.
  9. Can I put my stained glass inside a double glazed units to protect it?
    Yes we can triple glaze most items.
  10. Can you collect or do I need to bring the damaged panels to the studio?
    A. Yes we can collect and refit.
  11. I have an idea for a window, how long will it take to be delivered?
    From initial meeting to delivery we try to work to a 2-3 week turn around.