Colour Charts

Below you fill find links to various colour charts that we can colour match against for your reference.

Please note:-

We get asked quite often “Will a coloured glass splashback will look exactly the same as the colour on the wall?”
However the question actually is does the paint in the tin look exactly the same colour as the paint on the wall…probably not. The colour of the splashback will look the same colour as the paint on the glass (assuming it is a 6mm splashback, some other products are made using different types and thicknesses of glass) – thicker or thinner samples are also available on request

It is also important to remember that we do not use any of the actual brand name paint to colour our products (as they are not suitable for painting onto glass). We match as closely as possible to the colours (to around 97% accuracy).

If you must have a splashback that is an exact match with no variation whatsoever then you may be best painting the wall with the actual paint from the manufacturer and ordering a low iron clear glass splashback. as this is not something we could possibly guarantee (as we cannot use their paint for the glass). We like to be as clear as possible about what you should expect so that in advance, so there are no suprises after your order is complete.

For more information of if you would like to speak with a member of the team please call us on 01752 696245 or 01752 849084. Alternatively you can send us an email

Colour Charts